Mesangioproliferative GN (MesPGN)

- MesPGN is an importnat cause of nephrotic syndrome.
- MesPGN is a common morphological pattern that
  encompasses several groups of renal diseases
  a) IgA nephropathy
  b) IgM nephropathy
  c) Lupus nephritis
  d) C1q nephropathy
- The glomeruli show mesangial hypercellularity (defined
  by presence of 4 or more cells per mesangium) with or
  without mesangial matrix expansion and immune
  complex deposits.
- If the mesangial hypercellularity affected <50% of the
  total number of the glomeruli, then it is considered
  focal MesPGN, whereas if > 50% are involved it is
  considered diffuse MesPGN

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